"Working out and eating right, have become a part of my life. "

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"Working out and eating right, have become a part of my life. I feel better about my self and body than i have in the last decade "

Strength was never part of my wish list and now I have an entirely different point of view on that. I lift weights now and enjoy doing it as well. 

"I have always had a few health niggles like acidity, knee pain and chronic sneezing. Training at Movement Inc has worked wonders on these problem areas for me"

I've always loved my carbs and sugar. It used to be my go to solution for bad days, good days, some very good days and sometimes because i was just reading a good book. One of the biggest revelations of eating differently was portion control. You stick to it in the beginning because you are motivated by weight loss. But after you've reached a good place, to continuously maintain the habit is the challenge. But thanks to the personalised nutrition plan that's developed instead of a one plan fits all scenario, consciously or otherwise you eat smaller plates of food, indulge less in greasy food and feel the need to eat right atleast five days a week if not all seven. This has made a whopping difference in my life.

My day is incomplete without coming in for class. Even if its raining, or I've had a late night at work or been travelling, I'm always trying to squeeze in the four days a week. Almost like an addiction! There are some days I  feel like I  can take on the world and some days when I may not feel the mojo, but thanks to not knowing what's in store on a particular day, there's always a sense of excitement and mystery hanging in the air. It's also nice to walk into a group of familiar faces who are as resolved as you.   

Coaches can make or break a training session. One of the main reasons for not sticking around at several gyms in the city were the lack of attention and interest shown by coaches.

"The coaches at Movement inc are more than involved and interested in the class and the individuals present. They patiently explain moves and why we do what we do, give honest feedback, spent a lot of time fixing your form till you get it right and are constantly encouraging you to go beyond your comfort zone"

"Nutrition that has been recommended to me, is nothing drastic or extreme. They are simple eating habits and organic training progressions that will hold me in good stead for a long time" 

I think what has happened is I've made some changes to my lifestyle that are not life altering but that can easily be sustained over a long time. Simple small steps that in no way involves more money or that much more effort.