"The best part of training with Movement inc has been the after-effects."

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"The best part of training with Movement Inc has been the after-effects. I feel energetic, fast and light throughout the day (till my work wears me down!). My muscles have learnt the right way of moving, bending and lifting weights, which has become an integral part of my life. The strength I have gained has made it easy to do many everyday tasks"

I was always a person who would overeat foods I liked. I have always had a HUGE craving for sweets.  When I started following the mealmapper diet plan, I had motivation on my side to help me eat the right things in the right quantity. With time, my body has learnt to eat only as much as required. I don't have to make efforts to remind myself on what to eat. 

I look forward to each raining session as every class is differently designed, with enough variety to move many different parts of the body. There is a feeling of excitement while doing the stretches at the beginning of the class to see what is in store for the day. I enjoy working out at Movement Inc, and this lifestyle is definitely sustainable for me.

"The one point I specially talk about when I boast about Movement Inc is the coaches. The amount of knowledge I have gained and the results I have seen with my body shows the knowledge of the coaches" 

With regards to group class, there has never been an occasion where the smallest of my mistakes has not been noticed in the midst of so many people. This lifestyle has become a part of me in the last one year. And since I enjoy this lifestyle, it will stay with me for long time.