"Disciplined approach to all the nuances of strength & conditioning is the hallmark of training at Movement inc"

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My life has changed for good since I started training with Movement Inc. I had no knowledge of proper eating. The approach towards nutrition at Movement Inc is very practical and at the same time effective. Now I know to differentiate food groups. I am eating healthy which has resulted in me losing fat and at the same time maintaining my muscle mass and strength.

"My experience thus far has been great. Though I am part of a group class, personal attention is never compromised. The coaches watch us like hawks and make sure we do it right every time"

I look forward to every session at Movement inc. The workouts are very systematic and focussed. Every session is new learning and fun.  I have altered my lifestyle in such a way that eating healthy and regular workouts are way of life for me. I think I will be able to sustain this lifestyle for a long time.