There's more social & economic benefit from investments in prevention than from treatment - the single biggest incentive to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Mindless exercise is not how we roll! We realise the fact that every body is unique, with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. We design a training programme for you primarily keeping this in mind. It is imperative your training has a positive impact on your everyday life and we ensure it does!

We all know the feeling of bracing ourselves up for a new diet, only to abandon it a month down the line! At Movement inc, we focus on inculcating small, sustainable eating habits. We will ensure you eat healthy consistently and take baby steps on the road to good nutrition making sure you're loving it all the way!

Training and recovery go hand-in-hand when it comes to good health. We either tend to ignore or underestimate the value of a good night of sleep. For your body to become stronger, healthier, it needs ample rest. We make sure nothing comes between you and some good RnR, week after week!


Bringing the above three fundamentals together effectively is the key to any goals, be it sustained fat loss, better body composition, improved athletic performance or better quality of life. We despise industry practices such as yo-yo diets, pseudoscience led practices of avoiding food groups, unsustainable and abusive exercise routines and the wanton use of variety to stave off boredom. We believe in conversations, moderation, sustainability, depth, science and most of all having fun.

Your three month training experience with us starts with one-on-one coaching. We spend anywhere between 3-8 hours coaching you on the basics of how to squat, pick up objects safely, push, pull and move efficiently without hurting your joints. In our view, picking the right exercises based on your strengths and limitations is the most important function of good coaching. You then start with a group class, where you put into practice what you learn. The group is a fun, vibrant and motivated community of trainees from all walks of life training toward different goals.