Here’s a breakdown of how you would go about signing up for our program.

Step 1: Schedule a Movement Assessment 

An assessment session lasts between 20 - 60 mins. This is not an exercise or training session but a tool for us to understand your strengths, limitations, injury history, joint health etc. It defines the time you require as one-on-one training to exercise safely in a group training setting. The session also gives you an opportunity to define your health and fitness goals for us to factor into your programming.

Step 2: The one-on-one hours

This is a crucial advantage over taking your first steps with a group. Personal training is the best way to coach. It instills safe and effective exercise form and technique. A dedicated pair of eyes monitor and understand your every move. Two weeks of one-on-one before joining the group is complimentary. Should the assessment tell us you require more hours of one-on-one we will work out a special plan for you.

Step 3: Those abs are made in the kitchen

We try to understand your nutrition and sleep patterns. The goal within the first three weeks is to have you learn and apply concepts such as appropriate portion sizes and the right foods to include in your daily eating.

Step 4: Training with the group

Once we are confident you are equipped with the skills required to participate in a group class, we rope you into one. Our group class is a fun yet intense setting to train with like minded folks. The goals are diverse, capabilities and movements varied. Everyone is there for love of the process and set-ting. Through the duration of your participation in the group, in addition to training we will continue to plug the chinks in the armour with your nutrition and sleep.

Step 5: Results - It’s what you pay us for

Our initial job is to help you clarify and define any and all fitness, health and athletic goals you may have. While your experience with us is defined by how seamless and enjoyable your journey to get to those goals is, we believe there is no point without results that show! We will monitor and dig deep for results through every step and factor for additional steps to address your needs as they arise.

Step 6: Ensure sustainability

Your nutrition and training plan will evolve as you conquer goals and strength. While we believe the group class is a great setting to train in, we still prefer one-on-one sessions to coach complex, new patterns. Every once a while, we rope you in for one-on-one sessions to upgrade your training toolkit. We undertake similar reviews for your nutrition & sleep.