Our training facility overlooks Thiruvanmiyur Beach in South Chennai. 

Geographical location and training environment are vital to overall fitness experience. The goal when we started Movement inc was simple - provide the best, personalised training experience; the fun of training outdoors without compromising on the intensity or versatility a traditional gym would offer in terms of equipment. Walk into our 2000 sq ft facility and you will find a minimalist setting incorporating the outdoor with the best fitness implements.

We use kettlebells, barbells, trap bars, sleds, gymnastics rings, dumbbells, swiss bars, benches, boxes, pull-up rigs, landmines (the list is long and grows every week) and our trusty wedding-hall inspired Almonard fans to keep you cool.  All with a full view of the beach for a touch of quintessential Madras. Our aim is to create the best space to complement our rigorously crafted training program and provide a spacious training ground in a relaxed, beautiful setting.

Find us at

3rd Floor,
Sri Chakra
No 2, 1st Seaward Road
Chennai - 600 041.
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