How do I know if I can work with you? Do only clients with a specific type of goal fit into your training space? 

Our client base is diverse. We have clients working towards goals ranging from improving strength and fat loss to being fit enough to take on that trek they have always wanted to. All physical fitness is relative. With us, it is never a question of are you fit? The more important question is what do you hope to achieve by becoming fit.

Whether you are a 15 year old looking to gain some muscle and become stronger, a 30-something fitness enthusiast looking to improve performance at a marathon. Or just someone who wants to feel more nimble. We are here to guide you towards your health and fitness goals, regardless of age. 

What’s up with your name Movement inc?

Movement inc is short for Movement incorporated. It defines our focus on incorporating more movement into your everyday life.

I’d like to drop in and check out your space, is there a good time to do that?

We recommend you call us on +91-9840424684 before you come by. Classes run through the day at different times and we would hate to give you anything less than our undivided attention when you visit. Don't be surprised to find us missing there at 9 AM on a Tuesday but working at 11 AM. So again, please do call before dropping in. 

I don't see a fee structure on your site. How much would your service set me back by?

Training with a group class, including our initial one-on-one sessions and nutrition coaching, would cost Rs.15000 (incl taxes). The fee entitles you to three training sessions a week for three months. Depending on your goals and fitness levels we will add on a fourth day of training.

I don't see work timings on your site?

Our first and significant departure from the gym model is in how you commit your time. You pick a specific batch to show up for the duration of your training with us. For example, you may train thrice a week, say Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5 am. This 5 am commitment is non-negotiable. Our belief is a fixed commitment is a crucial first step towards making quality training a sustainable part of your life.

You guys don't have a Facebook page or Twitter account. How do I know what you stand for?

There are several voices in the nutrition and fitness space we look up to for their thoroughness and rigour: Alan Aragon , Lyle McDonald, Dan John and Tony Gentilcore . While their content may take longer to read than an average Facebook post we believe they will add value towards tenable solutions for your health and fitness.

It's a crowded world and information sharing is blurred between marketing and reader value. There is no shortage of information when it comes to health, fitness and nutrition. Everybody knows vegetables are good for you, that you will benefit from eating more protein and less processed food. The bigger challenge lies in the divide between information and sustainable implementation and it is this gap we aim to bridge. In the pursuit of being the best personalised and vertically integrated health and fitness solution, we teamed up with a group of engineers, photographers and visual designers and founded mealmapper, which you can follow across the various social portals. 

What kind of exercises do you do? I saw barbells and a bunch of weights when I dropped by. Are you into 'bootcamp', zumba, aerobics or some such thing?

We help you train to improve the quality of your life. That means different things to different people. It means fat loss to some or getting stronger to others. Our goal is simple: what you do at Movement inc should make activities like walking up a flight of stairs, hauling a bag at the airport or keeping up with your kid at the park feel a whole lot easier. Even activities you seldom face like chasing down a bus (not recommended) or stowing a heavy bag in that overhead bin should not feel like a challenge. You should feel mobile, strong and energetic through the day. 

Our training involves the pursuit of strength. One step at a time. Perfecting and practicing patterns such as squatting, dead-lifting, pushing up, pulling up, dragging things, carrying things etc. You will use your bodyweight and external tools to get stronger. You will stretch and learn to use your joints better. Cardio, in both familiar and ways you don't recognize, will be part of the plan.